Water Without Borders

Created by First Nations for all Nations.

Screen shot - water sample data showing free chlorine, total coliform and E.Coli. counts

See your water sample data

Collect water samples and track your Colilert results for total coliform and E.Coli.

Receive alerts when samples test positive and quickly know which location and water system produced a positive test.

Screen shot - chlorine residual report showing graph of multiple locations over time as well as a histogram.

Visualize your water system

Sewllkwe Water Tracking can graph your water system in ways that make sense for your unique configuration.

Visualize your data and spot trends in water usage and system performance.

Screen shot - simple maintenance planning with tasks on assets due at specified dates.

Plan your maintenance tasks

Scheduling your maintenance plan with is simple with Sewllkwe Tracking. Everything from hydrant flushes to inspections can be scheduled so you never miss an important task.

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